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Halloween Sale 2023

If You Are A Seeker Of Home Enchantments, You Are In The Right Place! Broom Parking Available On Site...

Halloween Sale!!!

This Halloween, Welcome to the enchanted halls of Budget Designer HomeWorks, where we weave spells of wonder for your abode.

Our artisans listen closely to your heart’s desires, guiding you through the mystical realm of new windows, doors, conservatories, sunrooms and bathrooms.

Enter our showroom, nestled in the heart of Clandeboye, Bangor NI, where you’ll witness the latest creations of our craft on display!

Our coven of experts, steeped in ancient lore, shall beckon forth the perfect products and designs to match your style, preferences, and home. Choose from a vast array of magical materials, finishes, and colours, each imbued with enchantment, to find the perfect fit.

Behold our offerings of energy-efficient windows, grand entrance doors, and mystical sunrooms, each a gateway to extending your living spaces.

We understand that this quest can be daunting, but fear not, for our skilled craftsmen shall ensure that your new products are fitted with the utmost care. With years of experience, our spells guarantee perfection in every installation.

At Budget Designer HomeWorks, we believe that the essence of magic lies in providing the very best to our clients. Only the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers, who share our devotion to quality and innovation, are privileged to join our coven. 

We guarantee that the results of your journey shall delight you, and the magic of your new windows, doors, conservatories, or sunrooms shall endure for years to come.

So, do not tarry, dear seeker of home enchantments. Join us on this journey and witness the transformation of your home through our stunning creations. Our friendly and knowledgeable team shall guide you on your quest, answering your queries with expert advice. We await your arrival with eager anticipation!

Behold The Mystic Offerings Of The Gatekeepers Of Portals. Two Magical Composite Doors, Each Shimmering With Unique Enchantments...

The first, a portal (44mm double-glazed composite door) of agate grey hues with a reinforced, insulated core, offering a white frame and the choice of crystal clear or obscure glass.

Adorned with a letterbox and an enchanted lever handle, summoning hues of white, black, satin, gold, or chrome.

The threshold, crafted of enchanted uPVC, bears the mark of three keys, and the price of this portal, inclusive of survey, fitting, and VAT, is £1995.

The second, a reinforced, insulated core portal (44mm double-glazed composite door) of differing allure, with offerings of black for the frame and door, and crystal clear or obscured glazing. Adorned with a letterbox and enchanted lever handle, summoning hues of white, black, satin, gold, or chrome.

The threshold, crafted of enchanted uPVC, bears the mark of three keys.
With survey, fitting and VAT included, this portal’s price is £2395.

Behold The Alluring Offer Of Our Enchanting Conservatories...

From its humble origins, the Lean To Conservatory has blossomed into a wondrous extension, sought after by many across Northern Ireland.

The alchemy of time has gifted us with frames and glazing that enchant not just with their charm, but also with their secure and thermal prowess.

In our conservatories, the Blue Activ glass reigns supreme, reflecting the sun’s brilliance during summer whilst embracing the warmth in winter. 

And now, dear seeker of grandeur, we present an enchanted offer: a white Lean to Conservatory with 10 windows, 2 opening sashes and a single door, stretching up to 4000mm × 3000mm and crowned with a Blue Active, self cleaning glass roof.

Two double electrical sockets, an electric radiator, and a smoke alarm complete this grand design. All this, set upon a standard base in block and render, and added to a standard house (not bungalow), for the modest price of £17,500 (including Vat and installation).

Come, embrace this enchantment, and bask in the grandeur of our conservatories!

Uncover The Enchanting Treasures Of Our Pod Sunroom Discount...

Behold, dear seeker of wondrous spaces, for Budget Designer HomeWorks presents an enchanting addition to your abode.

Designed to withstand even the most tempestuous of Northern Ireland’s weather, this sun kissed chamber shall be a bastion of comfort and tranquility.

As you journey through this space, the very materials that compose it sing a song of strength and durability, ensuring your safety and security. And, with the gentle touch of magic, this realm is imbued with the power of thermal efficiency.

Imagine basking in the first light of dawn, savouring a warm cup of coffee in this enchanted space. Or, with the power of your will, invite friends and kin to revel in its beauty, sharing in the joy and laughter that springs forth from this arcane space. For this sunroom extension is more than mere construction; it’s a boundless source of delight, a treasure that will shine with brilliance and elevate your homes worth for many moons to come.

Whether your heart yearns for a haven of concentration, a space of leisure, or a harmonious blend of both, our skilled artisans shall weave enchantments, bringing your vision of home extending to life.

With our Pod Sunroom Extension, marvel at the possibilities of up to 4000mm x 3000mm of space with 8 windows, anchored by a sturdy, standard base of block and render and framed by anthracite magnificence.

A haven of light, with walls of high-performance Low-E glass, shall usher in the sun’s warmth and nature’s beauty. The shelter of a solid, insulated flat roof with EPDM covering shall shield you from the elements, while the interior radiates with the warmth of plastered walls, enhanced by the glow of 6 spotlights.

The space shall be adorned with two double electrical sockets and a plumbed designer radiator, ensuring your comfort all year round. And, as safety is paramount, a smoke alarm shall watch over you.

All of this can be yours at our promotional price of £24,950!

And now you can enchant your new pod extension with a 1500mm x 1000mm Blue activ, self cleaning roof lantern for only £1700!

Come, dear seeker, let us turn your dreams into reality!

All products....

Behold, dear seeker of treasure, a mystical realm of bargains. If the enchantments before thee do not spark your fancy, lo and behold, there are other portals to explore:

  • A gracious 7.5% enchantment on all orders of aluminum windows and doors.
  • Embrace the magic of 5% off on all enchantments within our realm (note that this sorcery cannot be combined with other spells).
  • A wondrous gift awaits those who summon full bathroom refurbishments, an electrical LED backlit mirror, free of charge.

Journey forth, dear seeker, and discover the bounty that awaits thee.

As the winds of change sweep through the tapestry of time, our commitment to the art of enchanting dwellings remains steadfast.

For 29 cycles of the sun, our quest has been to weave a magical tapestry of excellence, graced with the threads of exceptional customer service and quality home improvements.

Our enchanted designs, fortified with the strength of security, beckon the eye with a symphony of beauty, crafted to enchant the senses.

Weaving each thread with the magic of our craft, we have woven a legacy of aesthetics that our patrons have come to expect as the hallmark of every project we undertake.


If you would like further information on any of our products or have any questions in general, please contact our friendly customer service team. We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours for a quotation. If you would like to talk to us directly please email or call us.