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Sunrooms and Conservatories Virtual Reality Tour

For many design-led industries like ourselves, a common challenge is often convincing the customer that the finished article will look just like or better than the 2D representation. We have made it even easier for you to imagine what it is like to own one of our beautiful home extensions. Always the company to embrace technology, we have introduced a 360° conservatory and sunroom experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Our VR tour works as a presentation tool and allows customers to gain an understanding of how one of our home extensions will look to scale, at a more intimate level. And this is free and very easy to use.

360 Tour

Our 360° VR menu is easy to use

Click and launch. It’s that simple. We’ve even set it up so you can enjoy the tours on your laptop, tablet, or phone in 2D mode, which require absolutely no VR headset at all. See our conservatories and sunrooms in virtual reality.

“I don’t own a VR Headset” - We have the solution!

Simply email sarah@budgetni.com and we will post you out a cardboard headset to your home, absolutely free of charge. You can then show your children and other family members, so they can experience the excitement for themselves. Whether you visit us in our impressive Bangor showroom, or we visit you in your home, each member of our Home Extension Design Team has their own VR headsets, which can be produced on request. Below are videos of people experiencing our Virtual Tours of Conservatories for the first time. As you can see it’s a very ‘real’ experience!

360 Tour
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